About Veterans Recovery Resources

Watch the segment on News 15 to learn how Veterans Recovery Resources is designed to help veterans overcome addiction and return to the lives they so richly deserve.

They may be home, but their battle rages on. With their memory. With their traumas. With themselves. One veteran in four suffers from serious mental health issues, often turning to drugs, alcohol, and even suicide to end their pain.

Yet now there’s a place they can turn before it’s too late: Veterans Recovery Resources, a new community-based mental wellness program that’s designed for the specific needs of veterans—regardless of their ability to pay. With the help of empathic, specially-trained professionals, veterans can quickly begin the road back to healthier and more meaningful lives.

Veterans Recovery Resources is a public charity established by veterans, for veterans. Our mission is to deliver the highest-quality, compassionate, affordable mental wellness and addiction recovery services to all veterans–and their families–who need help.

We strive to ensure that the financial capacity of veterans and service members who need mental wellness services does not prevent them from seeking or receiving care. Veterans Recovery Resources will provide, without discrimination, care for emergency mental health conditions to individuals regardless of their eligibility for financial assistance or for government assistance.

Veterans Recovery Resources is committed to transparency and accountability. All of our 501c3 documents are available here, for your review.