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We’ve all seen the videos. The ones showing soldiers coming home to loving families and their communities. But after the video ends, after the applause dies, tragedy often begins. For many military Veterans there is no storybook ending. And while government agencies do their best, the demand is simply too great. Veterans aren’t looking for a hand-out; they just want to get back to their normal lives and contribute to society like everyone else. That’s where you come in. Veterans Recovery Resources is a 501(c)(3) organization, founded and directed by Veterans, for Veterans in the greatly underserved Mobile and Gulf Coast region. More than simple treatment, Vets Recover is a program specifically-designed to address the unique needs of Veterans.

We are raising $2 million to remodel and staff a 16-bed facility in Mobile, Alabama that will give our Veterans a place of refuge, a place where their healing can truly take place under the care of specially-trained professionals. Just as importantly, the clinical framework we are developing is the first of its kind, with an eye towards treating Veterans nationwide.

Donate using PayPal, mail a check to Veterans Recovery Resources, P.O. Box 41241, Mobile, AL 36640 or simply call us.

We owe them so much for their service. All we ask from you is a contribution. Let’s give them the peace they richly deserve.