Atlanta Veteran Darwin Williams Doesn’t Hesitate to Join Veterans Recovery Resources


When Darwin learned of the opportunity at Veterans Recovery Resources, he just said yes. “It wasn’t a question,” said Williams. “First and foremost, I understand the problems veterans face. And I absolutely want to help a community that I’m a part of. That’s just how it is when you’ve worn the uniform.”

Darwin was a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps and a veteran of Desert Shield / Storm, serving almost 11 years as an Aircrew Aerial Gunner and Survival Equipment Specialist. He has spent the last 15 years in sales operations, client and account management for companies in the IT industry, including Primerica, Who’s Calling, ATG and most recently ContactAtOnce!, a LivePerson company. He is joining Veterans Recovery Resources to help guide the development of its donor management and CRM system—and to help other veterans.

According to a 2015 study of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, a substantial proportion of veterans experienced the military as a family that took care of them and provided structure during their deployment. “The guys I served with were certainly like family to me,” said Williams. “In fact, my Sergeant Major was also the Best Man in my wedding.” The study reported that upon returning home, veterans felt alienated even from the agencies designed to support them—and faced a substantial lack of structure and loss of purpose. Having a peer navigator to help them transition to civilian life by providing support and advice was reported as the most common way to achieve success.

“We are very pleased to welcome Darwin to the team,” said founder and executive director John Kilpatrick. “We’re building a veteran-centric organization because we know having the cultural competence to serve fellow veterans is critical. And, having Darwin’s business and technology acumen will be a tremendous help.”

Darwin attended the University of South Carolina and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He met his wife of 25 years, Paula, in the Marine Corps, where she served as well.