Veterans Recovery Resources Facility

Fuse Factory

Veterans Recovery Resources is in the process of securing a 16-bed Level III Residential facility in Mobile, Alabama to fill the major gap in inpatient treatment services for veterans offered on the Gulf Coast.  The team is led by local military veterans who are also successful business owners and live in the neighborhood. With their dedication, the permanent facility will be the cornerstone for veteran wellness, as well as bring professional jobs and vitality to strengthen the local community.

In the meantime, Veterans Recovery Resources has leased an office at the Fuse Factory, a non-profit co-working space on Government Street in downtown Mobile, Alabama. The non-profit can help veterans immediately through its 12-step programs for Veterans, Military Family Group Sessions and individual counseling sessions.  The Veterans Recovery Resources community-based fellowship program is critical to veteran substance abuse and addiction recovery.

Veterans Recovery Resources is working closely with all other veteran resources in the area, including the new Veterans Affairs outpatient clinic that is under construction.  Our in-patient residential care will serve as a strong complement to the Veterans Affairs outpatient services.  The issues and problems faced by our veterans are too large for any one organization to solve. By leading a community eco-system of service providers and collaborating with all public and private veteran organizations, we will bring innovation to solving problems and achieve our goal of creating a vibrant community of healthy veterans who work together, contribute to the local market and support each other over a lifetime.