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Important Information
For You About COVID-19.
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Together, Let's End Their War. Veterans Recovery Resources is committed to the mental wellness of those who have served. For Veterans, By Veterans. Health Programs created specifically for the unique needs of Veterans. Provided by Veterans. A Small Building. A Big Idea. Our outpatient clinic is new. But our innovative program is already getting attention from around the country. Veteran-Specific Residential. Sometimes you need to step out of the busyness of life. We’re creating a way to do that in your own community. Coming Soon.

We are committed to supporting our fellow Veterans, First Responders and their families through this trying time. Based on the recommendation of local health officials, the VRR clinic will be closed for in-person appointments today. However, we have expanded our telehealth capabilities and are accepting appointments for new and existing clients.

To schedule an appointment or initial assessment, please call our main line 251-405-3677.

To reach a mental health professional directly, ask for extension 102.

To reach a peer support specialist directly, ask for extension 103.

We are committed to our mission of removing barriers to care (COVID-19 included). We will find a way or we will make one. We are all in this together. Stay safe, look after each other and wash your hands. Thank you.

We still are energetically supporting veterans like you every day through our tele-health services.

Click HERE for important information about how we continue to help you and your families.

You Have Served Us.
Now It’s Our Turn.

For some, their training equipped them to handle almost any situation—except coming home. If you are a Veteran facing difficulty returning to civilian life, we’re there with empathy and specially-trained professionals. That way, we can help you and your family members find renewed strength and confidence in life.

Addressing The Unique Needs Of Veterans.

When we say ‘By Veterans, for Veterans,’ we mean it. The majority of our staff and administration are made up of those who know what it’s like to serve. And are committed to helping their brothers and sisters in arms know peace.

Committed To Veterans Like You.

Stringent training, deployments, frequent moves and, for some, combat, put unique stresses on our Veterans and their families. Our team of health professionals created a unique approach that speaks to a unique set of mental wellness challenges.

The First Step? Recognizing The Signs.

If you or a loved one face challenges like these, you’re not alone. Contact us.

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Chronic pain
that impacts your sleep, ability to work or gets in the way of enjoying life.

Eating or sleeping too much
or too little. Irritable or annoyed more quickly and more frequently.

Difficulty concentrating
or remembering. Feeling confused, scared or angry—perhaps all at once.

Difficulty trusting others
or feeling betrayed. Feeling guilty about what happened during service.

Heavy drinking or smoking
that annoys others or feeling yourself as if you should cut down.

Unsure of your purpose
or your ability to be the person you want to be. Feeling helpless, hopeless.

How We Serve.

Come talk to us. You might be surprised (and relieved) to meet others who have walked in your shoes.

Individual & Group Counseling

Compassionate and knowledgeable counseling when it comes to the unique needs faced by Veterans and their families.

Primary Medical Care

With an emphasis on whole health, including medication management, physical exams, and treatment with Veterans in mind.

Physical Therapy

Helping Veterans manage chronic pain and injuries in ways you might not have thought about, so you can enjoy work and life.

Peer Support

Service members and families serve in units. Working with Veteran peers, you can find that same support at home.

Care for Families

Families serve too. Our health services are available for family members, caregivers and survivors as well as support, information and opportunities to serve.

Occupational Therapy

Help adjusting to chronic health conditions to make it easier to participate in daily life activities that are meaningful to you for overall improved health and wellness.

Community Engagement

A Veteran is never alone, no matter what. It’s time to commit to a new mission in life, with a renewed sense of belonging and involvement in our community.

Where We're Based. Now Open.

Located at 1156 Springhill Avenue, in Mobile, Alabama, our non-profit Outpatient Clinic serves the Veteran community in a warm and comfortable environment.

Coming Soon.
Residential Treatment And More.

The gap in Veteran-specific residential care is big in our community and in other parts of the country. Our vision and plans for this care include things you might expect—and others you might not.

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