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New video tells the Veterans Recovery Resources story

We are often asked why we started Veterans Recovery Resources.  If you haven’t deployed yourself or are not a member of a military family, it can be difficult to understand.

We created a video to help shed light on the challenges suffered by those who have faithfully and honorably served our country. Those affected are not outliers, but very much mainstream.Despite their manifest strength and courage, the problems Veterans face often cannot be solved by discipline and self-sufficiency.  As a result, 20 Veterans kill themselves daily. And many more face ongoing struggles in ways large and small as a result of the pain they hold inside.  We cannot just be grateful for the service of Veterans in words alone. We need to help them in concrete ways specific to their unique mental health needs.

Veterans Recovery Resources is designed by Veterans, for Veterans, with clinical approaches specifically tailored to what Veterans must contend with.  An affected Veteran may be facing issues that are not obvious to the casual observer, for self-reliance is so ingrained in the training of those who have served.

We owe these loyal and strong individuals everything to help them return to a normal life.  Retoring these leaders, these warrios to the community that asked them to serve is critical. The skills, talents, and capabilities of each Veteran are needed in today’s society.  We desperately need people of character that live according to a standard and are willing to continue selfless service to their fellow man. The difference?  Now these warriors must focus on improving the quality of their relationships while they learn and continue to practice self-care–instead of only caring for others.

Veterans Recovery Resources is working with other community providers to make sure Veterans get the right care, by the right provider, and integrate them back into our community of recovery. Please share our story with others and instead of thanking a Veteran, help a Veteran. Contact us to learn more about our program, including volunteer opportunities. Donations are needed and can be made directly here.

Together, let’s end their war.

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