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Occupational Therapy

When we are healthy, it is easier to accomplish what we set out to do, such as going to work, traveling, meeting up with friends, and taking care of our personal needs. Having chronic health conditions makes it more difficult to manage needs due to fatigue and illness. Often people with these conditions end up giving up on socializing and other enjoyable activities. This is problematic because giving up activities results in poorer health, and quality of life.

Veterans Recovery Resources combines occupational therapy with primary care to maximize your capacity to participate in daily life activities that are meaningful to you and may promote your overall health and wellness.

Occupational therapists help you adapt and organize your daily occupations or activities related to self-care, home management, community participation, education, work, and/or leisure into daily routines simply by adapting or doing things differently. This can be helpful in many ways: to prevent and minimize dysfunction, promote and develop a healthy lifestyle, and facilitate adaptation and recovery. These skills are discussed in one-on-one settings and in group settings, such as in our Lifestyle Redesign Group.

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Other ways we serve you.

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A Complete Description of Our Program:

Veterans Recovery Resources offers a comprehensive continuum of professional and peer-based services for military services members. This PDF provides a detailed description of all the services we currently offer.

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Appointments outside these times may be available on a case by case basis.
Business hours will evolve over time.



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National Veterans Crisis Line:
For emotional crisis, requiring a licensed clinician
1-800-273-8255 (and Press 1).


Nurse’s Help Line:
Clients receiving primary care at Veterans Recovery Resources with an after-hours medical concern may call
(Reference VRR and Dr. Yonge).

Call 911 for a medical emergency.

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